Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daddy's go through all kinds of things. Setbacks, although completely unwanted, are just part of the package deal. My own personal setback happened today. After two and a half full weeks of only smoking once or twice a day (down from almost two packs a day), I've blown through a solid half-pack. No good for anyone. I started two and a half weeks ago. I won't say that I quit then... But I did start getting healthier. I put down the cigarettes, and I started riding my bike the four point two miles to work every day. Which (for those of you that aren't mathematically inclined) translates to almost eight and a half miles of bike riding a day. I started packing my lunch, and I've gone out of my way to start living just a little bit more moderately where my diet is concerned. But today's been rough, and I've had a bit of a setback. Tomorrow starts all over again from square one. But I intend to do it, and do it right this time. That's all for now. Just checking in to show that I'm still alive. And hopefully, once I get in to this healthy kick again, I'll get on here more as a way to sharpen the ol' thinking box that sits on top of my neck. 'Til then!